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Caring for Your Microgreens at Home

Microgreen care can sound kind of tricky, there is a lot to look out for but if you follow just two simple steps then it can be quite easy. The two things to keep in mind, like with most plants, are light and water.

When you get your microgreens, find a place next to a widow for the greens to get light during the day. You can either keep your greens in the box they arrive in or place them in a container of your choice. This container does not need to be airtight, in fact, I recommend against that.

I personally, like to keep them on a plate or cutting board in the window for a nice display.

The next thing your microgreens will need is water. Now, you want them to be moist on the bottom but not wet. Too wet and you WILL get mold. To keep your microgreens damp, only water them from the bottom. What I like to do is gently left the mat and run the bottom under a slow drip of sink water. Then brush off any excess water and return them to their container.

Also, keep an eye on the container to make sure there is no standing water. (Check out the video below to see how I keep my Mircogreens from getting too wet)

Microgreens just need a little water and some sun light to stay happy and growing until you are ready to harvest and enjoy!


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